El Pony Pisador was born when Adrià (mandolin) and Ramon (guitar), who were friends from school, got together to form a group that would sound as “hobbit party music”. When Guillem (banjo) got in, we started learning to play traditional instruments and looking for the missing members. We found Martí (flutes) and Miquel (fiddle) and thus in 2014 our actual line-up was complete.

At first we did covers, some Youtube videos, and began playing small venues. We love humor and had a hard time taking ourselves seriously in concerts because our audiences were mostly our friends, so we began developing a way of doing live shows that has become our signature style. We also spent a lot of time rehearsing to get to the technical level of the artists we have as inspiration: Flook, Liz Carroll, Franzl Lang, The Bothy Band, The Longest Johns, o Chris Thile.


In 2016 we released our first auto-produced album, Yarr’s i Trons! In it, we compiled what we had learned in our trips in twelve full-energy songs that traveled from Ireland to Mongolia. In the album humour and tenderness meet with vocal harmony and irish melodies, all combined with text and illustration so the listener is transported. For the artwork we counted with andalusian artist Fabio Castro.

After releasing the album we did more than 200 concerts that took us around the country, in events such as Arrela’t festival, Desfolca’t or Ensorra’t in Blanes. We also went around and did shows in festivals such as Tall Ship Celebration (USA) o el Harwich Sea Shanty Festival (UK), el Bie Daip Appingedam (Netherlands) o l’Eurofolk Festival (Germany).


In september 2017 we released our first music video, a non-acapella version of Tot És Part De Ser Un Pirata, our catalan version of Being a Pirate. For the music video we recreated a pirate tavern with the aid of video producer Pintamones.


At the end of the year we started working in our second album, Matricular Una Galera, that will come out November 29th 2019. In it we include 14 tracks that again will make the listener travel around different places and times around the world, and in where we tried to get deeper into all the ideas that we presented in our debut album, including more than 10 folk sounds and 20 traditional instruments. The album, as Yarr’s i Trons! is self-produced, but will be released through Coopula, a music publishing association. We also began working with Tíndari Sgró as manager, and have been working to offer a professional show without losing the elements that make us unique. The artwork will be again by Fabio Castro, this time constisting of one large piece of art for the whole digipack.


The second work of El Pony Pisador Matricular una galera (Coopula 2019) is published, proposing a journey around the world through sea music and folk tunes, with sounds and influences from swing to habanera, through bulgarian dances. or heavy metal. It mixes folk and traditional music from around the world in a perfect balance between sense of humor and virtuosity.


On September 15, the new album Els nostres amics els esfeníscids (self-produced) is released, an album of penguin photographs simulating an alleged trip to Antarctica. New colors and new textures are explored while looking for a brighter style than in previous albums.

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