About Us

El Pony Pisador are five young lads from Barcelona that mix traditional music from around the world in a jolly manner but with attention to detail.

Our sense of humor is contagious: our live shows are varied and unpredictable, because between laughs and jokes, something unexpected happens in every concert.

We like traditional celtic music and sea songs and shanties, but in our albums and concerts you’ll find sounds from many different places and cultures. We get deep into the music that we discover so it is as pleasant to the experts as to people that hear folk music for the first time.


Adrià Vila plays mandolin and bodhran, makes the most pleasant voices, sings yodel and cooks the best for buccaneers.
Guillem Codern plays the banjo and harmonica, sings like beyoncé, Tuvan throat singing, yodel and is the best subject of conversation that will liven up your best meals. 68th notpron solver.
Miquel Pérez plays fiddle, percussion, sings voices, sings rubadub with groove and writes the best agricultural polyorcetics treatises.
Martí Selga plays the recorder, the whistle, the double bass, sings the deep voices and tells fast-paced stories.
Ramon Anglada strikes the guitar with passion, plays the accordion and sings like a real pirate. And has a bass.
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